Saturday, May 30, 2015


Today I'm hyper.
Sometimes I cry forever.
But I am okay.

Deanna Troi feels.
How does she handle it all?
She just makes it so.

My heat races.
My legs are always shaking.
Anxiety dance.

Crying on a bike.
I don't know why I am sad.
Watermelon eyes.

Frodo has burdens
That mountain is way too high
Thank god for Sam Wise.

Bugs are so tiny.
Bugs are beautiful and weird.
You say I bug you.

So much inside me.
Feelings, beer, and the pizza.
No room for my love.

Buffy is stronger
I wish I could save the world.
Too busy sleeping.

Depression is bad
Just like once upon a time,
You feel all alone.

Monsters eat heroes
Heroes eat the sandwiches,
I eat everything.

Darkness inside me
So thick I can barely breathe
Get it out now please.

Vampires drink blood
They need an invitation
Don't invite them in.

Most wizards are boys
But I'd look good in the cloak
So would Bjork, duh.

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