Thursday, December 31, 2015



Got assaulted in January 
Wrote and published a comedic sci fi graphic novel
Found out several other men I had really previously trusted had committed assault 
Lost a lot of friends 
Was named one of the top 100 comics in the country in a television show! 
Became more isolated 
Gained about 15 pounds due to depression 
The television show I was supposed to be on was cancelled 
Got into two festivals! 
Didn't get into a different festival that I really wanted to do 
The television show was un-canceled and I got flown down to perform in the filming! 
Met a sweet girl I really liked romantically! 
Due to recent assault I couldn't commit to any type of romantic relationship all year 
Got to help participate in a really fun webseries with two of my favorite comedians Angela Webber and Lucia Fasano! 
My set was cut out of the television show when it aired 
Started a really fun podcast called Addicted to Heroines! 
Started a fun webcomic called Shut up, Diary! 
Got hit by a car while on my bike and my adorable bike got totaled 
Found a new therapist! 
The man who assaulted me showed up at my show, probably in an attempt to scare me, or just because he didn't care 
Got into a fight with my dad about genocide at Christmas

It's been a dark year for me, but many people had it way worse, so I can't really complain. I hope 2016 is better.

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